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Haircuts by Master Barber Mike Kasiem,  fades, scissor layer haircuts,  tapers afros and designs, shaves shape ups and ceasaersfor men women and children, Talentedbarber@gmail.com

where are "barber shops near me" is a typical question being sought everyday especially when the seeker lives in the neighborhood but keeping in mind that "barbers near" are not always the best for you or the persons of which you are looking to help;  it is the top barbers in Harlem where you can find the best barber shops for black people's or kinky hair,.  If you are in Harlem or near it then certainly  the Best barber Shops are on west 125th street; with Master Barber Mike Kasiem you get the service  that you specifically want.   Tell him your haircut preferences and he does it exactly as you specified.  This is also the case if searching for the best Barber Shops in uptown Manhattan because Master Barber Mike Kasiem has more than 25 years experience at cutting every hair type in the world.   Whether your hair is straight kinky or curly, he is the pinnacle  of the Best barbers in Harlem NYC by far due to his proven versatile skill sets.  You can see it in the albums of numerous Google photos folders 


  Master Barber Mike Kasiem  has more than 25 years experience at cutting every hair type in the world. 


Master Barber Mike Kasiem  teaches apprenticeship barbers on how to become Masters.


So if you are looking for the Best barbers in Harlem New York City then you have reached the right site, and pretty much the images prove it to be also a place where Black barbers In Manhattan cutting African American hair, also barbers near.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem  is a man who works from more than one of the best African American barbershops in Manhattan, but he is indeed thee exemplification of all Black barbers in New York City, except that there is no hair type he fails at embellishment to your requested specifications.   More images are here to see.

425 West 125th street, Harlem New York City,  NY, USA, 10027-4280.

Master Barber Mike Kasiem,



Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday  11:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m., Sunday  12:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Mondays CLOSED.

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