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Barbers in Harlem who do fades tapers and ceasers, scissor  layers Layer haircuts , the top Barber Shop in Harlem New York doing fades tapers and scissor layered haircuts for men women and children, using clippers & scissors.

This is the very Best Barber shop in Harlem uptown New York City, located on west 125th street. Out of all of Harlem's Best barber shops, Master Barber Mike Kasiem is the superior barber at giving the best quality haircuts.  His fades tapers and scissor layered haircuts  are applauded by many in google reviews, the best barber shop out of all in Harlem New York City, and when in  you are in Harlem just simply ask Google Bing or Yahoo for the Best barber shops near me, and barbersinharlem.com will come up for good reasons.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem has more than 25 years experience at cutting every hair type that there is in the world.  So why should not the Best barber shop in Harlem New York  City appear when asking for the best barber in Harlem or, the Best barbershops around.  Long ago Mike Kasiem decided that he had to be and do more than  just be  one of the Best black barber shops in Harlem but to set himself part from the stereo typical race who only knows how to cut their own ethnic hair type.  To be the Best of any of the barbershops in West Harlem today you would first of all have to know how to cut all hair types because people from all over the world now live in Harlem. Thus, the best barbers in Harlem NYC are very much versatile and artistic at their skill.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem justifies being such when it is asked where are the best barbers around.  Because of this he may try bringing some order to the flow at the barbershop, by setting it up so that there can be same day appointments, and this universally skilled barber in Manhattan will show you the nicest Fade haircuts, taper haircuts and, scissor  layered haircuts you have ever seen, and we will not forget the mohawk haircuts either, for in Harlem Manhattan New York City we strive for the best but have already surpassed 99.9 percent of the markwt out there with fare prices also.  See all information in links about Master Barber Mike kasiem below.