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>The best barbers on 125th street in Harlem  New York City
Barbers in Harlem who do fades tapers and ceasers, scissor  layers Layer haircuts , the top Barber Shop in Harlem New York doing fades tapers and scissor layered haircuts for men women and children, using clippers & scissors.
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Welcome to finding the best barbers on 125th street in Harlem  New York City.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem is by far one of the Best Barbers around Harlem York City, working from within the best of all the Barbershops in Harlem which are in uptown New York City.  Justifying the title as the Best barber shops in all of Harlem is not easy because this city has a host of competitive talents from all around the world, but being one who respects the craft of designing any hair style you desire is what Master Barber Mike Kasiem@Levels barbershop lives to perfect.

This masterful  Experienced stylist Barber cuts every hair type that there is in the world, straight kinky and curly hair. Mike Kasiem is indeed one of, if not the very best, barbers in all of Harlem New York City, a professional  who does high quality fades tapers caesers and scissor layered haircuts and mohawks,  more than just one styles of each. From what the best customers and clients seek is considered and because of that you found this informative page. You may have sought "barber shops near me" for black white  BrownYellow or red people, but this is the greatest of all Harlems true barber shops open today and should you ask if it is "near me" or close to me the answer is yes. This is one of those barber shops "near" if you are looking for a place that is conveniently within walking distance or a quick hop skip and a jump, that is open today.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem is the answer to these queries and more.

In Short we are of the barber shops open and near, befitting "barber shops near me now, barber shops near me that do beards and who will give a shave a fade a taper or scissor haircut, barber shops near me for black people's hair, white people's  hair and to put it all so clearly, everyone's hair. Of course a Master must be present in such barber shops to cut straight hair with scissors as well; real  barbers are open for more than one hair type.   Anyone short of this is not a professional barber. Under the key serch of "Barber shops near 125th street you find the best, Master Barber Mike Kasiem who is the truth.


MASTER BARBER MIKE KASIEM: 425 W 125th St, Harlem New York City, NY, USA, 10027,

telelpone (917) 443-7843,

GOOGLE REVIEWS http://bit.ly/2xskvj


Barber Shop Hours: Sunday - 12:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Monday - closed, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday - 11:30 a.m..