Best Barbershops In Harlem New York City.  the best Harlem barbers are few but worth your time. Master Barber Mike Kasiem happens to be one of them.  these Harlem Barbers are highly competitivie without even knowing it.  Simply because of the natural instinct and well learned barber practitioner education giving to these barbers of yesterday you cannot compare much of if any of today's basic hair cutters  to them.  The reasons being that old school barbers are able to do alot more in Quality looks with less tools than today's haircutters.  Thus given the tools of today to the classic barber and truly a Harlem Barber such as Master Barber Mike Kasiem@Levels Barbershop it is almost as if he isn't working to do a fade taper ceasar or mohawk and or scissor layered hairut etc.Tap links below to see images of some of his haircuts for men women and children and, see what GOOGLE REVIEWERS have written on Master Barber Mike Kasiem's work and barber service.  master barber Mike Kasiem is the top of Harlem Barbers, the best.
 You will see that this true Harlem Barber born and raised does exactly as you request, no pushing the hair line beyond its natural margin.  Mike kasiem's practices are largely by far the cleanest and safest because he sanitizes the blades regularly.  New Haircutters tend to forget to do this, a clear demostration as to why they are barbers in the first place.  True barbers are born with the love of it within their hands and eyes, natural born artist.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem is regularly caught doing contemporary and classic styles all at your detailed request regardless of hair texture or outside opinion.  He does what you say.  You will look exactly as you specify, as his artistry tickles you  with the inborn urge to smile, content within yourself upon the sight of the results.
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Master Barber Mike Kasiem