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So many say that they are the Best barbers in Harlem,  or Harlems best barbers without quality and factual support.Of course superior haircuts shaves and beard trim services along with a peaceful yet open opinionated freedom to all clients  within  the environment  making customer service a priority is a comfort to be and to express ones self respectfully is a pillar. What makes Master barber Mike Kasiem the best barber in Harlem, the best Harlem barber at what he does is in the facts that he disinfects his blades between each client use, does exactly as the customer request and is professionally educated on the proper procedurals at cutting every hair type that there is in the world, being careful to avoid pushing the ...

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As a Barbar often I am asked the question what products are best forcan be used straight kinky and or curly hair. I leave it up to those of you who manufacture products to add on to this blog by giving up your information with respect to hair that is dry and brittle. Hair that is curly and hard to manage that is straight flat and bodiless. And what of the kinky dry unmanageable hair? The reason I put these questions out is because they're so many products that are being put forth by Paul Mitchell you American Crew biolage etc., hair care products and manufacturers how far do we go to explain to the people exactly what their products do to answer any question about hair care. Adding on to this barbers blog is your free reign because With...

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