June 20, 2019 @ 10:29 AM

Master Barber Mike kasiem is the best of all Barber shops in Harlem that cut women's hair Barbers in Harlem who cut straight hair, Barbers Near and Barber Shops Near, the BEST barber shops are on West 125th Street, the best barbershop is only deserving of the Best clients and customers in Harlem. Rather than talk a bunch of jiberish lets get to what you are seeking. Master Bubba Mike kasiem provides Fades tapers and scissor layered haircuts for men women and children. Always call ahead. 917-443-7843. To book your appointment, even if it's 30 to 45 minutes ahead. See home page.

   This Master has many years experience at cutting every hair type there is in the world.  See images of his work in google photos in the ......

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