September 18, 2019 @ 8:20 PM · Best Barbershops in Harlem,, Harlems best barbers,

Within New York City the unlicensed Barber is and has been a huge neglected problem for quite some time.  Today in the barbershop and/or men's hair salon Unlicensed Barbershops and barbers are  in huge  numbers, scattered all throughout the five boroughs and heavily concentrated is the number of these illegals  in boroughthe  of them all, Manhattan. What is the reason for all of these unlicensed haircutters holding themselves out to be pro barbers who are running amok. 

Open places operating ever so boldly and are serving the public?  As this state  has requirements for those pursuing the practice of the occupation of barbering for some unanswered reasons the New York State  division of ...

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