In today's New York City it is very easy to find a hair cutter much more faster than the licensed Barber, and because of this menu of New York city's barber shops at least to those that I visited, there are very few barbers who are in practice within a lot of the city's barber shops. A visit to New York City's rural neighborhoods will easily verify this. What is most perplexing that there is supposed to be a New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services Investigation Unit. When they were in actual practice there was at least a group of Quality  rules sittbusinesses stringent in compliance with theses rules and regulations of the State. Fake Licensed Barbers are at the foot of too many barbershops today.

It is so bad for the state to over see  procedural methods used in the current barbershop  functions. Too many Barbershops today operate uberr forbidden practices are utilized and exercise due to the lack of knowledge training and licensure. The state has it mentioned in all vol books the thieves barbers without licenses more over recognized as itinerant barbers are spread all throughout the area oh, many of them not knowing how or caring whether to disinfect their blades and to sanitize the implements in between customer usage and odalie cleansing. Because of this New York city's bad cat area, at least in barbershops spread throughout the city, itinerant themselves. In fact there are plenty of businesses with the title Barbershop, without any DBA for the usage of a stable and acclaim professional name that I am practice in New York City. The New York State department of State claims to have a division unit that investigates these matters, but that is only if there is a complaint made by a consumer. However many consumers have put forth complaints and they have gone unattended to, because if any degree of information pertaining to the consumers having been violated is missing from the report they abandoned the application. I tell you now myself as a professional e license master Barber that it is totally unfair to those of us who are and went through the schooling in the 24-month training of apprenticeship under the tutelage of sponsors and master barbers to be competitive with people who has not. Today any person can walk into some of these itinerant barber shops and ask for a job as a barber, and as greedy as many owners awesome money if the person has the semblance of knowing how to cut hair or even knows how to cut hair they do not care about the sanitation practices know the procedure rule health code management aspect of doing the business. Because of this growing problem many of the future sokol barbers may not feel any need to get a license anymore. Why get a barber shop or or barbers license when the state agency held with the duty of investigating sets sporadically does not even do so 4 use 5,10 or even some have gone 20 years a whole career without having once been investigated although they hold themselves out publicly to be barbers and barber shops.