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How can we tell the difference between the men's Hair Salon and the Barber shop today?  Many confuse the two,  And while a lot of treatments are similar in both, there is a substantial difference of treatments  Between the two similar hair related businesses. In a men's hair salon where chemical treatment is prioritized, including the manicures, pedicures and facials, massages and in some cases tans toi are given (The world of the cosmetology) while in the Barber shop the hot towel shave and haircuts are basically what is given.  Although within some barbershops they do facials too after doing a hot towel shave. And which is the most expensive should be apparently expected, but what if the geographical location of the business is considered then some barbershops are just as costly. In short hair salons cater to more than the haircut needs while the barbershop focuses on the head beard trim and shaping of the mustache.

   Which is your preferred choice has alot to do with your style and cultural aspirations.  As races have different types of hair people of the same race have different sex appeals, but what is most intriguing of the variations in the same race of different racial needs is the drawing near of those of the other race finding more in common with their homosexuality than with those of their own race.   Homosexuals  May tend to the friend each other's Grooming needs and likes over that of being welcome among their own race  In  Any attempts to challenge another's grace. For instance, 2 men who like styling the head in the pompadour look while sporting the European type fit of clothing May find an understanding for each other's likes over that of someone in their own race wishing that they'd separate themselves from each other merely premising on racial differences. These are hard driven racist whose core is based on fear rather than love.

   The love for the natural Hair Salon has become very strong in vampin and growth Within past few years . Homosexuals have no prejudices to what 1 another's likes when it comes to grooming come especially the hair, and they welcome each other's presence in the men's Hair Salon as much as they do any  Where else, while the so call heterosexuals a more picky with respect to what is considered a good haircut compared to a crazy or bizarre looking lot. Homosexuals prefer the Hair Salon over the Barber shop because it caters to dealing with the overall appearance of more than just a hair cut. While masculinity as they can't set the fine but the conventional man wouldn't tell the need for just a shave and haircut Straight regimental rules with respect to the fade taper mohawk or Crow hawk. Master  Barber Mike cassim being AS stylist/Barber for more than 25 years has dealt with both, working in the men's Hair Salon, working in the woman's has salon and working in the Barber shop will the atmosphere and tills a lot of the baits and discussions on sports and current events with respect to political science and news within the imediate county an area. So who prefers the man's Hair Salon over the Barbershop And who can be classified as open minded and fair to women who themselves may prefer the use of a Barbershop for hair cut over the Hair Salon  And which the chemical use does nothing for the actual  Geo metric construction of a haircut shape as opposed to just the texture of the hair Being modified. Keep in mind that the Hair Salon deals with the changing of the texture of hair while the Barber shop deals with the GO metric construction of the overall shape to it. These are the words of a license master bubble who has more than 25 years experience at cutting every head side there is in the world. Master  Barber Michael  KASIEM.