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As a Barbar often I am asked the question what products are best forcan be used straight kinky and or curly hair. I leave it up to those of you who manufacture products to add on to this blog by giving up your information with respect to hair that is dry and brittle. Hair that is curly and hard to manage that is straight flat and bodiless. And what of the kinky dry unmanageable hair? The reason I put these questions out is because they're so many products that are being put forth by Paul Mitchell you American Crew biolage etc., hair care products and manufacturers how far do we go to explain to the people exactly what their products do to answer any question about hair care. Adding on to this barbers blog is your free reign because With...

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August 15, 2019 @ 10:29 AM · Best Barbershops in Harlem,, Harlems best barbers,

How can we tell the difference between the men's Hair Salon and the Barber shop today?  Many confuse the two,  And while a lot of treatments are similar in both, there is a substantial difference of treatments  Between the two similar hair related businesses. In a men's hair salon where chemical treatment is prioritized, including the manicures, pedicures and facials, massages and in some cases tans toi are given (The world of the cosmetology) while in the Barber shop the hot towel shave and haircuts are basically what is given.  Although within some barbershops they do facials too after doing a hot towel shave. And which is the most expensive should be apparently expected, but what if the geographical location .........

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