December 10, 2018 @ 1:36 PM

For too many years barbers have been at practice claiming to be the best in what they do, but many seem to have forgotten one of the most important and imperatives of all. Sanitizing and Spray disinfecting their blades and implements between each client use. This is an extremely important part of barbering, especially in a busy barbershop due to the health concerns that the public has to deal with , and to the of legion of different people carryng various bacterias and scalp issues unknown to the eye. This should be regarded as ia must says Master Barber Mike kasiem of who has more than 25 years experience at cutting every had type in the world . He has been and remains of this and at this practice with a strong emphasis upon it. If you are one of those barbershops who regularly sanitize and spray disinfectant implements between each client use place your website here on this list where it will be recognized by the public for those who declare being the Best barbers in New York City, professional barbers in Manhattan, African-American barbers in Manhattan, best barbershops in Manhattan, top barbers in Manhattan, best barber shops in Harlem NYC, barbers shop, Barbers in Harlem a New York City who cut women's hair, best Barbers and barber shops in New York Manhattan, the best barbers and Harlem who cut straight hair with scissors.