FADES AND TAPERS, fades and tapers a similar haircuts, but they differ in that one goes as far as to the Temple of the head and the other is within the Sideburn area of the head and often the neck is done so as well
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Master Barber Mike kasiem@Levels Barbershop has more than 25 years experience at cutting all hair types. If  an impeccable blender of fades and  or tapers is what you seek then here he is, perhaps the best barber for the  Afro-scissor or the scissor layer cut man for people with straight hair.  Mike is the best haircut barber around Harlem New York City,  and if you want any style of haircut the mere presentation of a photo or explained  description will get you your wishes. This is the best scissor cut man in Harlem by far because of his knowledge wisdom and understanding on the rules of hair direction and growth.B



Many people confuse the taper with the fade.  The fade haircut has a blend that is near the top of the person's head where as the taper is up to the upper sideburns shaved upward and stopping at the point where the hairline curves from the side burn (from the side burn up to the first point of the curvature near the beginning of the temple. For instance see the differences in the photos here below.


   Again, the differences between the taper and fade not that significant it is only the size of the fade which determines whether it is a taper. Tapers are generally from the ear 2 the upper point of the side of the head as seen in the photo above. For the best fades and tapers and Harlem New York City it is suggested that you visit Master Barber Mike kasiem at levels Barbershop. The best barber in Harlem New York City.  Keep in mind that Master Barber Mike kasiem is your best barbershops in Harlem for the for or taper, and yes, the best fades and tapers are done by those who do them regularly everyday, and we have for years, decades.  visit the best in the west of Harlem NYC.

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