AFRICAN AMERICAN BARBERSHOPS in Manhattan NYC, neighborhood of Harlem
Barbers in Harlem who do fades tapers Caesars Mohawks and sza layer haircuts

If an African American barber shop is what you are looking for then we have chosen to present you with one of, if not the very best of them in Harlem in New York City (borough of Manhattan). Even so Master Barber Mike Kasiem@Levels Barbershop has more than 25 years experience at cutting every hair type in the world he is of African American origin, befitting the Afro American barber shop, Afro barbers near me and African American barbershop in Manhattan New York City.  This African American Barbershop provides a master barber who does fades tapers Ceasers and Afros as well as cutting the straight hair of the rest of the world, using clippers scissors and the classic straight razor, if preferred. all styles mastered, both classic and contemporary. Although The Haircuts are for more than people looking for the African American barber shop or the Afro american barbershop, the place is a natural hair salon patronizing the world, one of the qualities which adds to making it the best barbershop in Harlem.  As a Black barbershop and Natural hair salon on 125th street in Manhattan NYC which is conveniently reached from the A B C & D or #1 Broadway train stations by short walks it is suggest that you call at least 45 minutes ahead for the same day appointment (917) 443-7843, or booking online here:

Alvin barber shop, Alvin Irby barbershop books are a set of children's books, primarily for boys so that they can do their reading while waiting for their haircut.  See CNN's Camera Shots of the book program at work within the shop

The best barbershops in Harlem are competitors of Master Barber Mike Kasiem@Levelsbarber shop because it is known that this is the best place within the area of Harlem NYC., barber shop club NYC  among them all would be Master Barber Mike Kasiem@levels Barbershop do to its popularity., This is factually the best barber shop in Manhattan for many reasons. An American or black barber shops in New York City, Manhattan or Harlem all the same. The only difference is is that New York City is all of the areas in neighborhoods and its entirety. Manhattan is one of the five boroughs otherwise known as counties that make up New York City. And Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan, which is one of those boroughs. Thus when it comes to the best African American barbers in you look to master Barber Mike kasiem@levels Barbershop.The best  barbershops in Harlem happens to be on 125th street between Morningside to Amsterdam Avenue. And for the sake of being booked rather than having to wait be on your schedule call or book with the best barber, Master Barber Mike kasiem at your avail. A black barbershop with a master Barber who knows how to cut everyone's hair. New York NY, best barber in Harlem NYC, the best barber in the world. 

Master Barber Mike Kasiem@Levels Barbershop, http://www.barbersinharlem com, 

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4280, 425 W 125th St, New York, NY 10027, (917) 443-7843,,  Sunday - 12:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Monday - closed, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday - 11:30 a.m. 9:15 p.m.,