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   How many times have you looked for a Barber in Harlem who really knows how to cut straight hair with scissors?  And I mean barbers or barbershops in Harlem that do scissor layer haircuts properly?

   Having some integrity honesty and professional decorum about their can be something very far from many fellows that call themselves barbers.  The the aforementioned elements of the real Barber, especially one who has the talent and the license present above his station declarative of being a proper barber is rare.  Alot of haircutters have moved in claiming to be straight hair barbers just because they can give a basic home styled haircut to someone, but the truth be told Master Barber Mike Kasiem is the only true straight hair scissor. Cutting barber in Harlem on 125th street.

Look at these few examples of Mike Kasiems work:


As many guys with straight hair ,  and a lot of white guys  tend to think that  black barbers are incapable of understanding and cutting their hair with scissors  it is one of the biggest myths ever . In fact some of the best Barbers that cut in straight hair or black  oh, that is those who have undergone strict study  of the procedural methods to which shade hair is cut and bringing out the best styles . This master Barber Mike kasiem learned  add a hair stylist Academy among many women  mostly  straight hair  teachers  and Barbers and stylist themselves . She might have you seen his work? Well now all you have to do is get over the miss that are blocking you from enjoying yourself and having one of the best haircuts around near you. Barber shops near me would be a great turn to use on Google Yahoo and Bing.

If what is stated here does not move you  then look at an article here on  search  mythical beliefs  as call me to block many white guys from getting their haircuts in Harlem where  some of the best services for them  but just around the corner.  It's time to say enough of this  I had to go get your haircut  right where you live, at a barber shop in Harlem New York City. article Barber Mike kasiem@levels barbershop in Harlem  New York City cuts straight hair with scissors acording accordingly even barber shops in Harlem  that cut straight hair with scissors , Barbers who use scissors to cut  straight hair, Master Barber Mike kasiem levels Barbershop is the best for anyone looking to get their hair cut precisely with scissors, that is if you're looking for Barbershops that cut hair with shears, Barbershops near 125th street that cut straight hair or better said, barbers in Harlem and Morningside Heights who do scissor layer haircuts. Mike Hashim understands that it is and can be difficult to find a barber and Harlem  who can deliver the  quality SCISSORED haircuts which are normally received from abroad. Master Barber Mike Kasiem@levels Barbershop has more than 25 years experience at cutting every hair type in the world straight kinky or curly. Same-day appointments if you call at least 45 minutes ahead to

(917) 443-7843.  See some of his work here:



Master Barber Mike Kasiem@Levels Barbershop, http://www.barbersinharlem com, 

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