Barber shops on 125th Street in Harlem New York
The Best Barbers in Harlem for Fade Taper Ceasar Mohawk Fohawk and Scissor Layer  Haircuts, the best barbershop in Harlem for a Sizzler haircut by Mike Kasiem

Of the barbershops in Harlem that are on 125th Street Master Barber Mike Kasiem does the most work and with a precision  specialty all his own.  Master Barber Mike Kasiem does Fades tapers Caesars Mohawks and scissored let haircuts for men women and children. The barber shop on 125th Street does exactly what you request, no pushing your hairline back and no cutting off too much.

Looking for an Affordable "barber shop near me" or not be that hard to do on 125th Street.


Master Barber Mike kasiem  provides  the Affordable haircuts for all men women and children in Manhattan. This Barber Cuts every hair type there is in the world whether it is straight kinky or curly ,  a master of every hairstyle despite him being an African American barber shop, African American barber shops in Manhattan, barber black, barber Manhattan,barber NYC, barber school in Manhattan NY, barber school Manhattan,barber shop, barber shop African American, barber shop black, barber shop for black hair, barber shop for black men near me, barber shop Manhattan, barber shop, barber shop names, barber shop names in New York, barber shop New York Manhattan.