Barber Shops In Harlem who do Fades Tapers Ceasars Mohawks Fohawks and Scissor Layer Haircuts, many hair styles by licensed master barber who listens to what you ask and delivers just that.

While Levels is an African American barber shop the Master Barber Mike Kasiem cuts the straight hair of Europeans Latinos and Asians with scissors just as much as he cuts hair of the African American clientd with clippers.
It is best for a barber shop to fit anyone seeking a great haircut to deal with someone who has an all-around knowledge about human hair. Therefore searching for "a barbershop near me" or an African American barbershop" can have its highs and its lows when it comes to being satisfied. Not all people professing their place to be an African American barbershop are black or a guy claiming to cut straight hair well. Some say it just to get you to their place. Master Barber Mike kasiem@levels Barbershop does not pull such gimmicks or games. He delivers haircuts of all styles and types and it is to the exact specifications you give him. The barber in Harlem who cuts straight hair with scissors withIn the earlier part of his career made sure to become a full Barber, to cut more than just black peoples hair or white peoples hair. He studied it all with a passionate love for the embellishments in being a barber in full; to learn each and every detail about the various hair types in the world and the various procedures needed to perform a certain Style, Master Barber Mike kasiem levels Barbershop underwent courses outside of the average and cutting straight curly and kinky hair is his mastership skill set.  He wanted to be able to boast cutting all hair types. Because of ethnic differences and myths many are misled as to how to get the best haircut in New York City from the best barber in Harlen.
Some people may even call a place " the Afro American barber shop" aside from" African American barber shop, assuming that they are only good with afros.
Wondering what makes a Barber Shop African American, Mike Kasiem who has more than 25 years experience at cutting every hair type whether it is straight kinky or curly, as mused at the different views to this. Perhaps all the Barbers in it are black? Or Regardless of what nationality, is it that they cut black peoples hair?
Master barber Mike Kasiem@Levels barbershop is in Manhattan and while there is such wide diversity of people from all over the world in Harlem New York he has to be as universal in his skill set at cutting straight hair as he is at cutting kinky or curly hair. This is what makes him the best barber in Harlem New York. Many barbers are limited just by cutting certain hair types. To Master Barber Mike Kasiem they have no business calling or referring to themselves as Master Barbers.
The best barber in Harlem is right on 125th street in Harlem New York between Morningside Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue, this is the best barber in NYC by reviews and by quality haircuts, barber shop, barber shop Amsterdam NY, barber shop Manhattan,when searching for the best barber shop in New York or Manhattan it should be to him that one calls because he gets the job done the exact way requested. Visit Mike Kasiem when ever you are on 125th street in Harlem NYC.

Master Barber Mike kasiem levels Barbershop for 25 West 125th Street, Harlem New York City, NY, USA, 10027.

Barber Shop hours:  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Sunday 12:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Reviews,



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